Fall 2017 OFFICERS

Shawna Garcia


Shawna is 21 years old and originally from Las Cruces, New Mexico. She graduated from New Mexico State University with her Bachelors of Accountancy this past May, with Honors, and currently has half the requirements for her Masters of Accountancy completed. Shawna was a ballerina for 8 years and then joined an NMSU dance company where she was a member, Secretary, and later a choreographer. While in the company she learned jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and break dancing. She was also an altar server for 14 years at the Cathedral of the Las Cruces Diocese. She is currently the only Bishops Knight in the Diocese and looks forward to serving her church in another capacity after retiring from serving this past May. Shawna has had three internships; two of which were with Beasley, Mitchell & Co. in Las Cruces, as a file room processor and then as a tax preparer. She just completed her third internship with Deloitte in Las Vegas, NV doing audit work for clients in the gaming industry.

Shawna has been involved with Beta Alpha Psi for 7 semesters. She began as a pre-pledge in fall of 2014 then pledged in fall of 2015. Shawna previously served as the Beta Alpha Psi Secretary and Vice President of Service. She looks forward to giving back to the chapter that has changed her life by providing more opportunities for current members to get to know each other and finding innovative ways to recruit new members. Shawna’s goal this semester is to advertise the value of Beta Alpha Psi so that the chapter will continue to be a safe, enriching organization for generations to come, by motivating existing members to get involved and inspiring NMSU students to become part of the chapter.

Tiantian Trimble

VP of Service

Tiantian is a senior enrolled in the Accounting Master’s program. She is originally from China, and has experience in tourism and international trading. Having lived in China, Germany, and now the U.S., she has gained a great understanding of different cultures and people from different backgrounds. Being in school in the U.S, being among her accounting peers, and the professionals, she quickly learned that hard work, honesty, and loyalty are among the valuable traits appreciated in this country. Tiantian wants to keep improving herself as a person and as a professional, and is looking forward to taking advantage of opportunities to achieve these goals by being an officer in Beta Alpha Psi. This is her first semester as a member in Beta Alpha Psi and she is excited to take this journey as an officer and contribute to the amazing group that is dedicated to promoting good work ethic and developing professionals.

Ashley Cannon

VP of Professional Development

Ashley was born and raised in the Roswell, NM and graduated for Roswell High School in 2014. She began her college career as an accounting major and became intrigued with the profession when introduced to BAP her freshman year. She will graduate in May of 2018 with her Bachelors of Accountancy, and is pursuing her Masters of Accountancy. After graduation she plans to obtain her CPA license. She has had two internship with Heads Up Landscaping Company in Albuquerque, NM and an internship with Ernst & Young in Denver, CO.

This is Ashley’s seventh semester being involved with Beta Alpha Psi, and second semester as an officer. She would like to give back to the organization as much as she has gotten out of it and she also hopes to come back to be involved as a professional.


Rebekah Rosa

Director of Hospitality

Rebekah grew up in Bayard, New Mexico, taking duel-credit classes in high school at Western New Mexico University, before enrolling at New Mexico State University in 2013. She originally was a management major, but switched to accounting after taking ACC 221 and finding that she loved the logic and intricacy of accounting. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Accountancy in December 2016, and will finish a Master’s of Accountancy this semester. She has had audit internships at Sandia National Laboratories and KPMG in past summers that increased her understanding and interest in the accounting profession, and intends to pursue a career in audit with a public accounting firm in Albuquerque, NM after graduation.

Rebekah joined Beta Alpha Psi after a none-too-small amount of prodding from friends and encouragements from professionals. Though she was initially reluctant, she now considers becoming a member one of the most important decisions of her college career. She pledged in Fall 2015, and has spent the semesters since then alongside friends and professionals building a network and developing herself professionally. During that time she has held positions as the Director of Public Relations, and Vice President of Professional Development, and will serve this fall as the Director of Hospitality. The opportunity to serve as an officer has allowed her to her to give back to the organization and pay forward all the time and care that was invested in her personal and professional growth, by mentoring and supporting members, pledges, and interested students in order to continue BAP’s legacy of enriching accounting student experiences at NMSU!

Selena Rivera


Selena was born and raised in Deming, NM and she graduated from Deming High School in 2013. She began her college career as an education major but after taking her first business course during her sophomore year, she decided accounting was a more suitable career path for her. When Selena is not in school, she spends most of her free time in Deming spending time with her family and three pet Chihuahuas.

This is Selena’s second semester being involved with Beta Alpha Psi and first semester as both a member and officer. She will graduate with her Bachelor of Accountancy and Minor in Economics in December 2017, and she plans to begin the master’s program Spring 2018. Selena looks forward to working with her peers within the chapter and further developing as a professional.

Kandice Gallegos


Kandice Gallegos is the Beta Alpha Psi secretary for the fall 2017 semester. She has been a member of Beta Alpha Psi since the spring 2016. Kandice is originally from Espanola, New Mexico, deciding to venture out of her comfort zone and moving almost five hours away to attend New Mexico State University in the fall of 2013. When she changed her major to accounting during her sophomore she was introduced to Beta Alpha Psi. They soon this organization became so much more then just an academic organization, they became friends as well as her support group giving her the confidence to go after her dreams. Since then Kandice interned with BeachFleischman in Tucson, Arizona. She recently presented at the national conference in Anathema, California representing the New Mexico State Beta Alpha Psi chapter. Kandice is currently in her first semester of the Masters of Accountancy program and plans to pursue her CPA.

Melissa Jarquin

Public Relations Director

Melissa Jarquin has recently finished her Bachelor’s of Accountancy and is starting her Master of Accountancy. She has always been interested in a career that improves her problem-solving skills, her ability to manage stress, and that involves numbers. One of her greatest strengths is patience, she takes all the time necessary to finish a task. She joined Beta Alpha Psi on December 2016 and become an officer of this organization on May 2017. She expects that this position gives her more responsibilities so she can be more prepared to deal with any future jobs she might have. She hopes to study next summer in Spain and gain more knowledge about international accounting. In her free time, she enjoys reading books about any topic and she also enjoys exercising. She is also ready to help anyone who needs an extra set of hands.